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 ..." I think that it's clear that "retract" here is being used as a verb meaning "to withdraw". So the question is, why is "retract" used in this sense? Could it be because "abtract" also means "withdraw"? A: Retract is related to retract (n.): Verb To withdraw or draw back: The team retracted its statement. According to ODO, it can be used as a verb meaning To take something back; to remove or take out. However, retract is not often used in that sense, and here in the dictionary, the usage is strictly limited to "an expression of regret". Yes, it can be used as a verb. It means to withdraw or to retract. Oxford Dictionaries Online Retract A. withdraw or draw back (a statement or action); take back (something said or done) Cambridge Dictionaries Online retract To withdraw or draw back (an assertion or action); take back (a statement or action) While there are two other senses, in my experience these two are the most common, and each of them has been used to mean the exact same thing in different words. A withdraw. He retracted his demand. B withdraw. A He retracted his accusation. B So the same thing, but with different prefixes. I think it's somewhat rare to see each meaning used in a different word, but if you're looking for an example of each, you have your answer. That said, I personally would not use retract as a verb, but it's common enough that the person who first used it in its current sense would likely have no reason to take it back. Dendritic cell immunotherapy of lung cancer. Tumor-associated antigens have been identified in lung cancer cells and dendritic cells (DCs) can be used as a delivery vehicle to load tumor antigens for tumor vaccination. Vaccination of mice with DCs that have been pulsed with lung cancer-associated antigens have resulted in rejection of murine lung tumors. This approach has the advantage of simplicity, the ability



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