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Low FODMAP Diet Tips

Ah, the low FODMAP diet. If you've ever had problems with your digestive system, chances are you've crossed paths with it. The sheer amount of things you have to cut out of your diet to follow the low FODMAP diet can make it incredibly daunting so I thought I would write down a few of my top tips that I have gained throughout the years.

But before we start: what exactly is the low FODMAP diet?

"FODMAPs are a list of sugars that are not completely digested or absorbed in the intestines which can trigger symptoms in people with IBS." (Monash University) Each letter in FODMAP stands for a different type of these sugars that are found naturally in a number of different foods. The low FODMAP diet simply means cutting out or really limiting those sugars. I have found the best resource for the low FODMAP diet is Monash University. They have a (paid for) app or a (free) website that are both full of information and really easy to follow! Click here for their website.

Monash University

I know I sound like a broken record but I can't recommend them enough! Do yourself a favour a download the Monash Univerity FODMAP app. It has a 'traffic light system' which tells you how high that food is in FODMAPs and it is so so easy to follow! There are a list of certified brands and products you can find in Aussie supermarkets and even recipes so you don't have to think. I think something I didn't take full advantage of when first using this app was the symptom diary - it's perfect and helps a lot when seeing your professionals. There so many more great things about this app - you won't regret buying it! From memory it was around $10 on my iPhone and I have had it for yeeearrrss.

Let a professional guide you

I honestly can't believe how long it took me to see a dietician and I wish I had started seeing her earlier. She has been such a wealth of knowledge and also a huge advocate for me and I honestly don't know how I managed my diet without her. Do yourself a favour and see a dietician or nutritionist to help guide you through your FODMAP journey. To find a Monash trained dietitian click here, otherwise I found talking to my doctor to be very helpful in finding someone who was a good fit me and my problems.

Keep it simple

I found when I started feeling overwhelmed on this diet it was easiest for me to redo recipes I had done in the past. Talk to your diet guide (dietician or nutritionist) about some simple recipes and snacks that you can make when it all feels too much.

The website and app have lots of yummy and simple recipes

Keep getting back on the horse

I don't even know how many times I accidentally messed up while doing the low FODMAP diet. But every time I fell off that horse I made sure I got straight back on. It won't be forever - you've got this!

Remember it's not forever

There are three stages to the FODMAP diet and the first stage (where you completely cut out all FODMAPs) is most likely to be the shortest. Whenever I felt defeated or frustrated I tried to remember this and it would always help to know I wouldn't be on this limited diet forever (ahhh if only tubeless Maddy knew what was coming for her).

If you're just started out the FODMAP diet or it may on the horizon, please remember that there is so much support out there, you don't have to do this alone or forever.

Lots of love,


Maggie (the dog) loves the Monash app too

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